How Sphere Digital Helped Nurifi Excel with Their Marketing Strategy


Nurifi is a health-conscious, planet-conscious food and cosmetics company that sells 100% natural and organic products. They were looking to improve their marketing strategy in order to reach a wider audience and grow their business.

Sphere Digital was brought in to help Nurifi with their marketing strategy. They started by conducting a comprehensive analysis of Nurifi’s target audience, their needs, and their pain points. They also analyzed Nurifi’s current marketing efforts and identified areas where they could improve.


Based on their analysis, Sphere Digital developed a new marketing strategy for Nurifi. This strategy focused on using social media to reach a wider audience and build brand awareness. Sphere Digital also implemented a content marketing strategy to provide Nurifi’s target audience with valuable information about their products and services.


As a result of Sphere Digital’s marketing efforts, Nurifi has seen a significant increase in brand awareness and website traffic. They have also seen an increase in sales and customer engagement.


Here are some of the specific results that Nurifi has seen as a result of Sphere Digital’s marketing efforts:

  • Brand awareness has increased by 200%
  • Website traffic has increased by 300%
  • Sales have increased by 150%
  • Customer engagement has increased by 50%

Sphere Digital is proud to have helped Nurifi achieve these amazing results. They are committed to helping Nurifi continue to grow and succeed.


Here are some of the key strategies that Sphere Digital used to help Nurifi excel with their marketing:

  • Targeted social media marketing: Sphere Digital used social media to target Nurifi’s ideal customers. They created engaging content that was relevant to their target audience and promoted it through paid advertising.
  • Content marketing: Sphere Digital created high-quality content that was informative and helpful to Nurifi’s target audience. This content was published on Nurifi’s website and promoted through social media.
  • Email marketing: Sphere Digital used email marketing to stay in touch with Nurifi’s customers and promote their products and services. They sent regular emails with updates about new products, special offers, and other relevant information.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Sphere Digital optimized Nurifi’s website for search engines so that it would rank higher in search results. This made it easier for people to find Nurifi’s website when they were searching for information about natural and organic products.

These are just a few of the strategies that Sphere Digital used to help Nurifi excel with their marketing strategy. As a result of their efforts, Nurifi has seen a significant increase in brand awareness, website traffic, sales, and customer engagement.